Fishing safaris

CASTING SAFARIS (4H –>)kalastus2

Duration: Minimum duration 4h, longer trips possible
Prices from 690 €

Now in selection we have casting fishing safaris with new high grade equipment and professional guidance. Ask for more!
Fishing is held most times with 2012 Tracker V-18 boats (we have two), which take 5 passengers each. Fishing can be casting, jig or trolling fishing.


Trips last from 4h and up.
Prices from approx. 125 € / person
Two boats for take 7 passengers, multiple 4-6 person boats

Fishing safaris for true entusiasts. Trips start from the bay next to your home hotel, either Imatran Kylpylä or Holiday Club Saimaa. The guides are long time fishing professionals therefore the catching chance rises over the top. All trips include lunch and guidance in either Finnish or English. If you wish you can get for additional price an guide speaking Russian.

In addition to traditional trolling and casting fishing we offer speacilites as trawl show and crabbing trips.

Examples of our trips:

  • Casting
  • Trolling
  • Angling and bottom fishing
  • Jig fishing
    Private cruises


Duration: 2-3H
Price: 95 € for adult, 55 € for child, (minimum 3 persons)

Location is pier next to either Holiday Club Saimaa or Imatran Kylpylä. You can fish by trolling, angling or casting pikes from the bed of reeds. If fishing isn’t the main event in the trip, we can stop at the appropriate spot to eat travel lunch or for example go to swim on a hot summer day.