Zorb-Human Ball

ZORB-HUMAN BALLzorb-ihmispallo

Zorb-human ball offers fun on flat ground and in the slope! Our Zorg-balls are transparent, three meters of diameter sized balls and fit two persons at a time. You can roll down the grass hill or slide down the slope in the winter time. The ball can be rolled on the flat ground if you don’t want the speed get so high.
Human ball is well suited to anyone who wants to have fun!


  • From 250€/event

ZORB-WATER BALLhuman-water-ball-300x180

Have you ever wanted to walk on the water? Coming from New-Zealand, Zorbing is fun for all ages and first of all an safe sport. We offer a 2,2 meter diamater Zorb – water ball, which has waterproof zipper. Just step inside the ball and our guide fills the ball with air and the water walking can begin.

Special instructions:

  • The water landing place needs to be either sand beach, concrete slope or a pool edge.
  • Time inside the ball is limited to 15 minutes

You can book either guided event from us or rent the package to your own use.


  • Guided event from 120 €/hour
  • Rented 150 €/day or 200 €/weekend


Do you think the standard football is boring and too slow game, and there isn’t enough tackles? Tuplakasi-action’s newest products are the hilarious Zorb – football suits, which will bring more fast action to the game, without any hazardous situations. Team players are suited into balls. This is done by diving in to the ball and putting on a harness. Finally take hold of the handles and a slightly different football game can begin. In this game, the isn’t hatched, but the point is to tacle the opponent and take posession of the ball.
There are total 28 balls, so the games can be made even for a bigger group.


  • Zorb-football price from 300€ /game. The duration of the game is approx. an hour.
  • Per piece rented 40 €/ball.

Prices do not include a possible space rent

Ask for an offer!