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Who’s the toughest of the group when we’re out of the HVAC conditions.

Mentally ja physically challenging and “military” skill-testing contest. Participation does not require any prior military training or marathon runners fitness. The competition can take place in one or more groups, and its length is selectable from three hours up to one day. Competition is ideally suited for workplaces to gather up the team spirit. The level of the competition can be adjusted from the educational easy level to all the way to the heavy level. The competition missions are planned to the wishes of the participating group or customer.

The competition is organized and supervised by former special forces professional soldiers.

Price is 150€/hour for the first 3 hours and after that 100€/hour. The minimum leght of the competition is 3 hours and maximum 24 hours.
Maximum number of participants is 16 people. Also larger groups are possible by a separate agreement.

Ask for an offer for your group!