Tour skating

With this new sport you get to know the secrets of tour skating on the natural ice of Lake Saimaa. Tour skating route starts from the border of Lappeenranta and Imatra from the shore of Holiday Club Saimaa. A Guide will advise you the tricks to sport thereafter you’ll be ready to go on your own. We recommend you te get into sport with tour skates to get best out of the sport. There’s and campfire at the route and an cafeteria at the shore!

From rental service you’ll get an map as you pay the route fee!

22 € per adult, 11 € per child / 3h
15 € per adult, 8 € per child / 1h
Incl. skates, sticks and an helmet

Tour skate sizes 36-48, approx. 80 pairs

Children’s skate sizes 32-36, approx. 10 pairs

Season passes:
35 € / season (with own skates)
70 € / season incl. equipment

Route fee (with own equipment)
5 € / 3h
8 € / day